Create Quality Life in Cambodia

Make LNG Become A Part of Cambodian Lifestyle

Safety, Service, Reliability

As an energy company, CNGC’s fundamental responsibility is to provide safe, efficient, and high-quality natural gas supply to users across the country. CNGC takes the promotion and development of Cambodia’s natural gas sector as its mission, actively promoting the wide application of natural gas in various fields, so that the general public can know natural gas and accept natural gas, thereby further optimizing Cambodia’s energy structure, improving the environment and people’s life, and driving the adjustment of Cambodia’s industrial structure, accelerating the pace of industrial modernization.
CNGC insists on pursuing excellence and comprehensively improves its service level through digital and information management. CNGC continuously cultivates talents and devotes its efforts to build a professional team.
CNGC stays true to its value and mission and always keeps a grateful heart. By persevering in the three five-year plans with the courage and determination to win, CNGC has faith to achieve the corporate mission.