Cambodian Natural Gas Corp., Ltd. was established in 2015 with the support of the Cambodian government and registered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

CNGC, as the only natural gas operator in Cambodia, is engaged in the guarantee supply of natural gas energy in Cambodia.
CNGC holds 30-year franchise rights of natural gas in Cambodia, including but not limited to lng10 exclusive import right, LNG terminal construction right, natural gas pipeline operation right, LNG truck transportation right, gas supply right and gas facility construction right of 25 provinces and cities in Cambodia, gas pipeline construction right, Cambodia natural gas industry standard setting right, etc. At the same time, CNGC, as an endorser of the Ministry of energy of Cambodia, represented the Cambodian government in the Global Energy Summit and became a senior member of the world Gas Union (IGU).

CNGC is committed to carrying out the business of Cambodia's natural gas upstream, midstream and downstream industry chain in an all-round way. Combined with the current situation of Cambodia's economic development, CNGC has formulated the short-term, medium-term and long-term development goals for natural gas. The short-term goal is to use tanks to import liquid natural gas to achieve small-scale point supply of natural gas. The medium-term goal is to build LNG receiving terminal to realize LNG ship supply and batch energy supply. The long-term goal is to build a national pipe network and realize the closed pipe network for gas supply, which will benefit Cambodian industrial and commercial users.
CNGC landed LNG in Cambodia at the beginning of 2020, realizing the market application of LNG for the first time. CNGC Group sincerely cooperates with suppliers and service providers of multi-national gas industry, including design and construction enterprises of upstream LNG terminal, pipeline planning, design and construction enterprises, gasification facilities and equipment manufacturers, standard setting design institutes, etc. With the support of professional team, CNGC will expand the application market of natural gas better and faster, fill the gap in Cambodia's clean energy market, and open a new chapter in Cambodia's clean energy application.
CNGC adheres to the corporate vision of creating a better life in Cambodia, leads natural gas into thousands of households and promotes the vigorous development of Cambodian industry with safety, service and trust in corporate values.