What do we use natural gas for?

Application 1: Direct Burning for Cooking
Natural gas is widely used for cooking in countries like China and the U.S. In this application, natural gas is supplied through pipe system to stoves of the end users.

Application 2: Direct Burning for Industrial Heating
Thanks to its high calorific value and stable energy supply during combustion, natural gas is a great energy source for those industries that require continuous heating at both high and stable temperature.

Application 3: Power Generation
The importance of natural gas in global generation may surprise many people. In 2018, natural gas contributed to 23% of the power generated around the world, just behind coal (38%). From the perspective of power generation, natural gas is more efficient and environmentally friendly than other non-renewable energy sources (coal and oil), and more reliable than renewable energy sources (hydro, solar and wind).

Application 4: Steam Production
The high calorific value natural gas contains and stable energy supply it produces during combustion also make it capable of producing high-temperature steam with stability, therefore, making it a great energy source for those industries that require high-quality steam.

Application 5: Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP)
The CCHP application of natural gas is a relatively new concept; it refers to the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heating and cooling from the combustion of natural gas. This application is ideal for large-scale industrial or commercial complexes which require stable supply of cooling, heat and power.