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Three Five-Year Plans for CNGC Natural Gas Project Infrastructure Construction.

CNGC has planned the natural gas supply plan in 25 provinces and cities nationwide for the next 15 years based on the current situation of Cambodia’s economic development and the prediction of the future economy.

CNGC divides the 15 years from 2020 to 2034 into three five-year plans to invest in the infrastructure construction: one LNG receiving terminal, 27 urban LNG multi-function stations, and a total length of 2,825km of inter-provincial long-distance high-pressure pipelines. According to the design needs of different users, the medium and low pressure pipeline networks and point-to-point regasification stations in the cities will be flexibly constructed in place. The general plan of the construction plan is as follows:Cooperative investment in equipment and facilities: including regasification facilities, power generation equipment, boiler equipment and other cooperative investments; join CNGC’s platform for natural gas equipment procurement, and capture the golden 15 years of rapid development of natural gas in Cambodia.

Cooperation in professional technical designs: due to the currently blank natural gas market in Cambodia, everything will start from scratch. CNGC is looking forward to participating with professional design team in regasification projects and pipeline projects.
Cooperation in professional engineering construction: Cambodia currently does not have a professional engineering team in the field of natural gas. There is an urgent need for a professional engineering team with rich experience and technical skills to exert its expertise and earn success together with CNGC.
Cooperation in managerial platform establishment: cooperation in establishing remote monitoring or cloud management platform. Including system for different kinds of regasification equipment safety monitoring, operation data monitoring summary, charging management, customer service, etc.

CNGC is looking forward to participating with professional teams in various fields to develop a feasible and suitable information management system and applying it in business.
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