CNGC’s midstream of natural gas transportation is divided into two modes: LNG transportation by tank trucks and natural gas transportation through pipeline.

The first mode, LNG transportation by tank trucks: during the first five-year plan from 2020 to 2024, before the natural gas pipeline is built and put into operation, LNG transportation by tank trucks will be the predominant mode, using tank trucks to transport LNG from CNGC Koh Kong multi-function station to other LNG multi-function stations in each province, as well as nearby end users. After 2025, when the construction of the main pipeline from Koh Kong to Phnom Penh and pipeline network in Phnom Penh are completed, natural gas supply through pipeline will be realized in some areas. With the growth of pipeline construction, the tank truck transportation mode will mainly supply LNG to the remote areas that are not accessible for the pipeline network. LNG tank truck is a special dangerous goods transportation vehicle, and it is mainly divided into two types: one type is used for transportation, and its tank volume is between 13m3 and 52.6m3; another type is equipped with a filling pump, used for filling LNG into cylinders of point-to-point supply users.

The second mode, natural gas transportation through pipeline: natural gas will be transported from LNG receiving terminal in Koh Kong to Phnom Penh through the main pipeline. Three distribution stations will be established in Phnom Penh to distribute natural gas from the main pipeline to distribution stations located in each province, and further to households through urban medium-pressure and low-pressure pipeline networks. The construction of the provincial LNG multi-function stations will be completed before the main pipeline network is put into operation; vaporized natural gas will be transported to users through urban medium-pressure and low-pressure pipeline networks.