CNGC, as the only company authorized by the Cambodian government to carry out the business of “import, vaporization, transportation and distribution of natural gas”, will promote all-round and multi-angle cooperation with CNOOC Gas & Power Limited, Thai state-owned oil and gas company and Malaysia‘s fully integrated oil and gas company which are the top-ranking energy companies in the world. of CNGC’s corporate vision is to introduce high-efficiency energy natural gas into Cambodian market filling the gap of LNG applications in this local market. For such Cambodian rapid-growing market, natural gas project is the exact blue ocean with huge development potential, wide range, high profit and high return. It’s recognized as a high-quality investment project in the energy field.

Strong shareholder rights: One of the company's shareholders has a deep Cambodian government background, especially in real estate, power generation, minerals and other fields, and with this strong shareholder protection provides even a stronger guarantee for the company to obtain various policy support.

Investment trend of China: based on the in-depth cooperation between China and Cambodia, Chinese government has continuously increased the investment in Cambodia, especially in the fields of industry, manufacturing, and energy. This investment trend is bound to accelerate the rapid growth of the Cambodian natural gas market .

Monopoly project price: As the only natural gas supplier and operator in Cambodia, CNGC has been obtained a 30-year exclusive operation right and a 10-year exclusive import right from the government. The total investment is 1.4102 billion US dollars. In addition, the privileged monopoly position of the project given by the government ensures the investment income of the investors, guarantees low risks of the project operation as well as high return from the project investment; CNGC has a market power to manipulate the market price of natural gas formulating competitive wholesale and retail price to guarantee the profitability of the investment. The internal rate of return can reach 25.47% and the investment can be recovered in 8.02 years.

General trend of the industry: CNGC is committed to promoting LNG and other clean energy sources. Under the general trend of global effort to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and abandon the development of coal-fired power, investment in natural gas projects is conducive to investors to obtain project approval, policy support and preferential loan. Environmental issue is a global hot spot; carbon trading has a trillion-USD market scale. As the market matures, Cambodia has an obvious late-mover advantage in carbon emission reduction. Enterprises with low carbon emission and emission reduction will gain additional benefits through carbon trading.

Preferential investment policy:  CNGC will be granted tax exemption for up to 9 years by the government; LNG import is duty-free; imported construction materials, construction equipment and production inputs will be exempted from VAT; as of January 1, 2020, as a project certified by the Council for the Development of Cambodia (QIP project), dividends for shareholders distributed during the corporate income tax exemption period will be exempt from income tax.

Diversified financing methods: Financing will mainly be used for infrastructure construction such as LNG receiving terminal, supporting access channel and jetty. CNGC attracts financial investors, strategic investors and other types of investors with an open attitude, and the shareholding ratio can be discussed by both parties or various parties. The investor can invest in stages according to the fund use plan, and keep the fund flexible to the greatest extent under the premise of obtaining high returns on the project.

In short, investing in CNGC complies with the environmental trend of low carbon emission and emission reduction in the global energy industry, occupies the blank market of natural gas application in Cambodia, forms an industry monopoly position, and can obtain high yield and high return. It is a high-quality project that cannot be missed for investing in Southeast Asia and investing in Cambodia.